2D Animated Body-tracking Snapchat Filter
Katrina Pacher is a well known Tik-Tok/Snap Star content creator known for her high-energy dance videos. I teamed up with the guys at Snapchat to create this Snapchat Lens effect which uses the body-tracking feature to create a filter similar to the animated dance videos you'd see online. 
The challenge here was creating a filter that reacted to a users body gestures in real-time and movement while keeping the size file under 4MB.
The animations we're all hand-drawn frame by frame. There are fire, electrical and star effects that appear depending on which movement activates them. There are a few animations that are triggered when the user throws their hands overhead. One stuns the user with lightning, and the other summons backup dancers, the likes you'd see in Tik-Tok videos.
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