2D 8-bit game Snapchat Filter
Sportsbet is an online gambling company that has utilised augmented reality in its marketing campaigns many times. During the 2019 Elections, Sportsbet wanted to run a nationwide ad campaign to drive traffic to their mobile app and various betting web pages. 
At first, the concept was to create a story-driven game like Pokémon that poked fun at the election day volunteers who would swarm you with pamphlets when you try to vote. Australians have a particular sense of humour, and Sportsbet was well known for taking advantage of that.
After careful consideration, we rethought the concept and came up with a more fitting style. We removed all the enemy characters and replaced them with hands which acted as obstacles the player had to avoid. The user would then move their head from side to side to control the on-screen character.
Software Used:
Procreate, Snapchat Lens Studio, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
DEVELOPER: Jye Trudinger/Drip Digital.
The effect was then used as a sponsored Lens and was available for almost a week amassing millions of views for all Australian Snapchat users.
Concept Refinement 
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