Full Body Tracking Snapchat Filter
To spread the message that it's important to stay home to beat Covid-19, the UN created this Snapchat lens that encourages users to connect with others and share content from self-isolation in their homes! The effect starts with the camera already in motion, passing by some 2D trees and grass. As the user approaches the house, they see their face inside the house to show that they should remain inside. Stars also appear when the user raises their eyebrows and a "Live" in red to mimic the live streaming we saw during the lockdown.  The moon and "Stay Home, Save Lives" rises in the background to display the main message behind the lens that we should stay home during these challenging times. 
The little details in this lens are what makes it very unique. When the camera approaches the main subject, the cityscape also moves like Disney's parallax effects when animating. The lens shifted my style, as this was the first time I tried creating 2D looking lenses out of 3D objects.
Software Used:
Snapchat Lens Studio, Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
The Snapchat Filter can be found on Poplar's public Snapchat account and has been used many times by Snapchat users.
Concept Design
Moon emits rays that draw the user's attention.
Moon emits rays that draw the user's attention.
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